Emotions Matter’s mission is to empower those impacted by borderline personality disorder (BPD) to find their voice, and speak out about the need for more treatment, research and community support. 

BPD is a highly stigmatized disorder, and those impacted by BPD often face institutional barriers, both in the mental health delivery system and the health care insurance systems, to receive treatment. 

To break the stigma, Emotions Matters encourages authentic voices to emerge about BPD from those with lived experience, who can educate others and offer hope for recovery. 

Here are some of the ways that we have empowered those impacted by BPD:

We provide opportunities for individuals with BPD to attend professional conferences and speak about their lived experience of BPD.

We held an Art Show in 2017 called “Empowered to Create” where over 30 artists impacted by BPD shared their work to raise awareness. 

We created a short video in 2016 interviewing two women about their BPD experiences, and highlighted the lack of public awareness about BPD.

We held a “Light the Way Forward” Rally for Suicide awareness and BPD in Washington Square Park in September of 2016.

We held a workshop about BPD by individuals impacted by BPD at Active Minds Yeshiva University in April of 2017.

We published “Borderline Personality Disorder: In Our Own Words,” our first publication in 2017 which interviewed five women with BPD in various stages of treatment about their experiences.