Board of Directors

Our volunteer Board of Directors is comprised of individuals, family members and clinicians impacted borderline personality disorder.  We all work together on various committees and projects of the organization to carry our mission statement:  To empower and connect those impacted by BPD to raise awareness and improve mental health care.

2018 Board of Directors
Paula Tusiani-Eng, LMSW, M.Div.. (NY), President/Executive Director
Rosa Nouvini, MD, (NY), First Vice-President
Owen Muir, MD (NY), Second Vice-President
Roya Nouvini, MBA (NY), Treasurer
Magda Dajani (NY), Secretary
Lauren Nauser (NY), Fundraising/Events Committee, Co-Chair
Melissa Ferdinando (NJ), Fundraising/Events Committee, Co-Chair
Maria Solomon, LCSW (NY), Education Committee, Co-Chair
Sara Schreiber, LMSW (NY), Education Committee, Co-Chair
Teresa Burgado (NY), Peer Support Committee, Co-Chair
Mike McLaughlin, (NY), Peer Support Committee, Co-Chair
Frank Yeomans, MD (NY), Clinical Advisory Committee, Co-Chair
Carlene Macmillan MD (NY), Clinical Advisory Committee, Co-Chair
Dan Hofert, JD, (IL), Board Member
Jillian Papa, (IL), Board Member
Dawn Timony, (NY), Board Member
Bea Tusiani, (NY), Board Member
Tabetha Martin, (CA), Board Member
Diana Diamond, Ph.D. (NY), Board Member


Rosa Nouvini, MD, Roya Nouvini, MBA, and Paula Tusiani-Eng, LMSW, met while participating in the “BPD Awareness Team” at the Metro New York NAMI Walk in May of 2015.   They soon discovered that they shared a common bond: each woman had a sibling who struggled with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) and it had a devastating impact on them as well as their families.  They instantly connected over their passion to raise awareness about this very serious mental disorder.