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Join a Committee!  We have four sub-committees of the board to carry out the mission of Emotions Matter.  The Fundraising Events Committee plans empowering events to raise awareness about BPD and raises funds for Emotions Matter.  The Education Committee develops new resources to improve public literacy and support those impacted by BPD.  The Peer-to-Peer committee oversees our peer programs on Facebook and in person support groups.  The Clinical Advisory Committee advises Emotions Matter and provides clinical leadership for our events and programs.  All committees are chaired by board members, and are entirely run by volunteers.  We welcome new members to get involved!  Sign-up for one of our committees below.  

Join a Facebook Community!  We have private, closed Facebook groups for individuals, family members, and clinicians to connect and network about BPD awareness and advocacy, as well as share information.  These are not clinical support groups, but information sharing networking, and forums for discussion about Emotions Matter’s mission and activities.  For more information, contact

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We have several committees, organized by volunteer members, to advance the mission of Emotions Matter.  These include our Fundraising Events Committee,  Education Committee, Peer-to-Peer Committee, and Clinical Advisory Committee.  All committees meet via conference call monthly, so people can join remotely and get involved.   We value the input of our members!

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